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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  August 21, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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deputies in hillsboro county are investigating a shooting what we are learning about the victim just ahead it is the last day of competitions in the what you can expect today plus this morning's medal count. thank you for joining us here on news channel 8 today. time now is 7 clock. ed his here -- is here with the look at the weather . >> it is steamy but the sunrise is another story. 75 degrees, just a gentle north
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it is also very warm, upper 70s and low 80s here . 81 tampa. 77 plain city. normally a little bit warmer along the coast. temperatures are in the 80s all the way down the sarasota. right now we are rain free. we're not seeing anything out there right now just a few sprinkles offshore. as we go throughout the day, we have that onshore flow similar to yesterday. a shower will be possible along through the first half of the day. by the afternoon the rain chances shift inland, east of i 75. overall fewer thunderstorms expected today. your temperatures will stay above average . we will hit 91 later today. your morning only drops to 79 degrees. warm afternoons and steamy mornings lie ahead. we will take a look at the very active tropics in just a little bit. we're following breaking
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deputies are investigating a shooting at an apartment complex on english help court. a man walked into a residence -- hill court . a man walked into a residence and said he was shot. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. it is not clear whether shooting happened but we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. the sarasota sheriff office is investigating a body found in the woods. it was found near the intersection of colonial drive and new england street a white man in his late 20s or early 30s. investigators haven't set of foul play is involved. we are making calls and as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you. this morning, new information about a fire at a mosque in tampa earlier this month. the fire has now been ruled arson. investigators first off the fire started because of a small refrigerator -- first thought the fire started because of a small refrigerator
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this morning the search continues for the mayor of chiefland. you did not return from an afternoon dive friday afternoon. the florida fish and wildlife commission is now in charge of the search. the lateral county sheriffs office dive team may be called in to assist. donald trump continues to face opposition. this time it is from members of his own party after saying he is not ready taxes. our national correspondence is in washington with the story. >> reporter: donald trump prides himself as the business candidate.>> there is so much wealth out there that can make our country so rich again. >> reporter: when it comes to how much money he has made, where he has invested, the truth may only exist in the documents he is not giving up, his tax returns. just days after releasing her own text documents, hillary clinton once
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do the same. clinton told a crowd she has serious doubts of donald trump's financial claims. >> he would end up paying a rate lower than millions of middle-class families. now, that is assuming he pays any taxes at all. >> reporter: democrats want to keep the tax talk alive through november but surprisingly some republicans are ready to join in. this congressman from south carolina is urging donald trump to release the data saying equipping voters with more not less information as they pick those who run for the highest offices in our land seems to me a reasonable time it to anyone aspiring to those positions. donald trump says he will release his taxes after an audit is complete but will not give a specific date. with only 90 days to go, voter's patients for transparency may be running out. mike pence still has not released his taxes but in a radio interview he said he is getting close to doing it in
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election day. -- tran one hopes to do it well before election day. >> it is important to mention there is no law requiring candidates to release there results. people were hurt when a bomb went off outside of a wedding ceremony. they say it appears to be a suicide bombing pop initially -- possibly carried out by rebels or isis showing the aftermath. ambulance took the videos -- victims to hospitals. across america residents are cleaning up after storms and tornadoes caused damage. storms knocked down trees and tree post -- street post here at least 4 tornadoes were spotted. that have not been any reported
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in central california, winds continue to fuel this wildfire now threatening a national historic landmark, the hearst castle. the chimney fire has grown to almost 20,000 acres. this morning more communities were ordered to evacuate. the fire is only about 2 miles away from the castle. this morning a few -- 4- week-old kitten found on the side of pennsylvania avenue continues to recover from a delicate surgery. a large infected was successfully removed -- eye was successfully removed saturday. ryan lochte is breaking his silence. >> i over exaggerated that story . if i had never done that we wouldn't be in this mess. coming up: what he told matt lauer about the controversial incident in rio, plus hear his apology to other
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today is the last day of competition the summer olympics in rio. but before the closing
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the team usa men are going for it there at straight gold in basketball against serbia. also, clarice deshields looks to retain her supremacy in the middleweight finals. she will fight the netherlands. here's a look at the metal count on this final day -- medal count on this final day of how petitions. team usa is leading. in 2nd at 70 and great britain in 3rd with 66. after an exhilarating couple of weeks of competition, it remains the biggest blemish on these games, the embarrassing episode involving ryan lochte in several teammates. this morning ryan lochte is opening up about a controversy in exclusive interview -- in an exclusive interview with
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>> reporter: this was certainly blown out of proportion. ryan lochte didn't hold back calling his behavior that night immature and childish. the smalltime medalist took full responsibility for the incident in rio that landed him in 3 other american swimmers in hot water and tarnished team usa's reputation during the 2016 summer olympics. he had told brazilian authorities as well as matt lauer that he and fellow teammates had been robbed at gunpoint at a real gas station after a night of celebrating. >> you said we are fake here. we are victims and we are happy that we are safe. in the police press conference they said not the dems, they are vandals. how do you feel about that -- victims , they are vandals. how do you feel about that? >> it is how you wanted to look . whether you call it a robbery or extortion or us paying just for the damages -- we don't know . all we know is
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direction and we were demanded to give money. >> after the controversy, ryan lochte was the first swimmer to make it back on american soil. his other teammates had to chat with brazilian authorities before they were given the passports back. ryan lochte apologize to the people of rio and brazil but only time will tell how much of an impact this will have on his career as a whole. >> yes, he certainly not gaining any supporters. priceless treasure uncod will show you what we are
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family,
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veterans who can't travel were treated to an honor flight in land o lakes saturday they made the honor flight experience accessible to 120 veterans at
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vietnam war, gulf war and war on terra got to experience -- terror got to experience sights and sounds of these war memorials without having to step foot on an airplane. >> we are bringing the honor flight to them. it is set of seeing the memorials in person, we are going to show them on the television screen. we have posters in there. we have guest speakers for them. this is a way to show you have done in the military and give them thanks for the service. >> according to organizers this was the first program to be held at an all veteran sincere -- facility in the country. a new homeowner uncovered priceless treasures. as they begin cleaning up the backyard shed they spotted something. what was inside took there breath away. >> reporter: inside this old, dated green bag. >> somebody left these and i
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quite know what she would find. >> i will live out 30 or 40 if not more -- >> reporter: yellow and aged but perfectly intact there are hand written letters. >> dear mother how are you >> reporter: stories from a young world war ii soldier. >> it is strange here >> reporter: carefully flipping through his pages of history. she finds >> 1941, 1942 and then all of a sudden there is an obituary from the person writing and receiving these letters. >> reporter: it reads: killed in action. >> it is amazing to me that somebody this young, 20, had to go through that much in his life at such an early age. i am thankful for him. >> reporter: but samantha knows
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and the kids ? >> reporter: this incredible treasure -- tell them hello for me -- reporter: is not hers to keep . >> he was definitely loved by his family. they saved all these letters and they meant something. >> reporter: her wish, all these letters will find her home with the family member who can continue telling the stories of sins. >> he is a hero -- stems . sims. >> he is a hero. >> samantha has come in contact with his niece and nephew to return the bag of memorabilia. as i was mentoring it is a nice beach day for us -- mentioning, it is a nice beach day for us . those rain chances will shift inland through the day.
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coming off the water, 89 degrees . the water temperature is still pretty warm at 88. 77 degrees at the lake club. sunrise is officially underway. today will warm up . we will see temperatures approaching 90 by the early afternoon. it will hit 91 right around 3 to 4:00 storms right around the coast in the morning. that rain chance will move into the middle of the state through the afternoon. 81 tampa. inverness. dew points are high . right now no rain, those are just fox -- false echoes from our radar site . we have a system strengthening in the golf of mexico -- in the gulf of mexico giving us that summertime pattern. we have tropical storm fiona in the central atlantic.
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this morning. fiona will start to fizzle out as it goes through the central atlantic the next several days. wind shear is tearing that system apart . we have to watch this one, invest 99 closely. that is taking us in the general direction of the bahamas . again, this one will bear watching over the next several days. a new system coming off of africa also has a very . things are starting to heat up in the atlantic just as we anticipate for this time of year. at home our rain chances are below average. any storms that form will push inland as we go through the day. coastal communities, you will not see quite as much through the day. starting off your monday we will see dry warm weather to start. no rain expected in the morning except right or wrong -- along the coast and still hit or
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tuesday afternoon. we will get our rain chances boosted back by seasonal lever -- level .today we're at 91 degrees with a western wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. overnight it will drop to 79 . we will keep higher humidity which means your temperature will cool off in explorer fashion overnight. some temperatures may not fall below 80. we start off tomorrow warm and in the at 92 degrees. rain chances come back tuesday at our typical rain chances. we will that move back toward our normal pattern. that will happen by the 2nd half of your next work week. >> it is a great day for the
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hello from everbank field in jacksonville were saturday night the box the the jaguars -- the bucs beat the jaguars 27?21. the quarterback had a touchdown pass and also threw an interception that wasn't his
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roberto missing for 32 yards out . another miss pick the coach said you're not worried, but you have to start making these kicks because it's the nfl. same drive, james hits evidence . a jump ball ties the game -- evans. a jump ball ties the game . lay in the 2nd quarter, vernon dropped one against the eagles last week but not tonight against the interception sets up a field goal. guess what they strike again in the 3rd quarter. the bucs are in charge late in the game. johnson had a touchdown to make it 24 - 21. the books win it -- bucs win it smacks last week he had a drop but tonight you didn't.
7:26 am
football. i was lucky i got my hand on 2 tonight. >> johnson is such a great player. he didn't come out lightning. the interception: cam has to make that catch. he makes that almost every day in practice. >> i just missed throws. wide- open i just have to make the throw when you do stuff like that it feel win . >> the bucs will practice with another nfl team again. this week it is the cleveland browns and then they will play the browns in the 3rd preseason game friday night at raymond james stadium. raise our winners 8 - 2 over the texas rangers -- rays are winners 8 - 2 over the texas rangers. that is a look
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good morning, thank you for joining us. in our top stories: deputies are
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walked into a resident saying he had been shot. he was taken to an area hospital and is expected to survive. at this hour it is not clear where the shooting happened. we're making calls and will bring you up dates. the sarasota sheriffs office is investigating a body found in the woods. it was found near the intersection of colonial drive and new england street. deputies tell us it is a white man in his late 20s or early 30s. involved. the search continues for the mayor of chiefland. he didn't return from an afternoon dive in the suwannee river friday afternoon. florida fish and wildlife commission is now in charge of the search. we are being told the sheriffs office dive team may be called in to assist. time now 7:dirty and we're here with the look -- 7:30 and we are here with the look at your weather.>> nice-looking sunday morning.
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especially along the coastline. a couple of those clouds may form into showers and start to slide onshore. most of us will miss out on the rain for this morning and even into the afternoon. 75 clearwater. crystal river 73 . 81 tampa. 78 sarasota. 78 sebring. as we go through the day you will see those numbers climb hour by hour. by noon, 87 degrees . we will top an which is a degree above average . as we go into the afternoon the story will be limited rain chances. a stray shower along the coastal communities late in the morning. if we get any showers they will pop up east of 75 being driven inland by the onshore flow, the wind coming out of the west . rain chances are slim for the next couple of days. they are around 21 percent. rain chances, by tuesday. i will
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tropical -- active tropical atlantic . there is now a new area under a travel warning in florida which includes south beach. 5 new zika virus cases have been confirmed. despite the travel warning, miami beach officials and business owners are worried. the mayor admits the presence of the zika virus is an ideal but doesn't expect to see any long-term impact. >> there there are people going by. there is a lot happening people of miami beach. he cannot downplay this. we must focus on this and eradicate this i know if we work together and get our governor to us we can get this done. >> you heard the man mentioning governor scott. he is accusing him of playing politics by withholding information from city and county leaders about these zika virus cases. the total number of transmission
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the man behind some of the biggest boy bands have passed away. lou pearlman passed away in prison friday. he was serving a 25 year prison sentence for a massive ponzi scheme. the cause of death is not known. he created transcontinental records which signed a boy bands such as [ null ] boys, -- actually boys, and n'sync. this morning we're learning the college student caught biting a man in the face te dared deputies to test him for drugs. he told deputies, test me you won't find any drugs. the sheriffs office says he will beat charged with -- will be charged with 2 accounts of first-degree murder. the man suspected of killing people in alabama is in police custody. the mobile county sheriffs office says derek dearman turned himself in across the state lines and mississippi. police found the
7:34 am
scene. investigators say the suspect knew at least one of the dems -- the victims . tina continues in louisiana after last week's historic flooding. teams of volunteers are assisting residents. at least 13 people have died in the flooding. an estimated 60,000 homes have been damaged in 102,000 people have registered or federal assistance so far. a big weeken of clearwater. the clearwater ice arena opened its doors on saturday letting the public into check out the new nh l sized ice ring for free -- rink for free. this is the first link built in the state of florida in the last 16 years. a can be taken up and down in 2 days and is efficient. dozens of people skated and toward the facility giving it a
7:35 am
had a great time. it was a wonderful day. >> it is pretty awesome. i have and i skated since i was 5 years old and i haven't fallen down yet. >> beautiful thing about having to she's, being close to the beach you can now hold tournaments here. we can hold bigger skating tournaments. >> the rink is open 7 days a week. with the heat we have been having it is certainly a good place to cool off the closing ceremony of the rio olympics is hours away but there are a few more metals in the mix before the summer games come to a close in rio. we are in real with more on this final day of competition. paul, you have been busy for more than 2 weeks. what is the latest? >> reporter: this is it, last call, closing time, game over, final live shot from rio.
7:36 am
out there. it is pouring rain out there. what a game it has been for the united states entering the final day of the competition with 160 miles. that is 50 clear of every other country. in fact, this has been the most successful games on foreign soil in american history thanks in part to another outstanding day of competition. >> [ video playback ] >> reporter: saturday's most an the united dates -- medal was not one by the united states. instead the honor goes to brazil.>> [ video playback ] >> brazil strikes olympic gold for the first time in us history.>> reporter: the usa women's basketball teams trying team knows that feeling. they earn gold in a 6th straight olympics. >> people talk about the dominance, scores and margin.
7:37 am
going to judges and think negatively. it takes a lot. we had a great group that never let that get to them. >> reporter: nothing could get to win jorgenson. -- gwen jorgenson. she finish the triathlon race minutes clear of any other athlete. >> i was really grateful and happy. >> reporter: the united states will leave real with at least -- real with at least 31 track and field by four hundred relay team struck gold. matthew finished the 1500 meter and 350 flat becoming the first american to win the mile in 108 years. >> there have been so many great american middle-distance runners especially milers, just to be mentioned among them is quite an honor. i'm happy to do my country proud. >> reporter: just how high can united dates run its final
7:38 am
there are 2 guaranteed metals. our boxer is guaranteed of gold or silver and the same is true for the men's basketball team taking on serbia this afternoon . the closing ceremonies are later this evening. anything we should keep a lookout for? >> reporter: closing ceremony started 8:00 eastern. set your dvr if you're not going to be awake. gymnastic professional extraordinaire, simone biles will carry the flag for the us we are all keeping an eye on the paley situation, the brazilian soccer superstar in his 70s. it is him health -- is an ill health and was able to make the opening ceremonies that one would hope after bringing first golden soccer history here in brazil he may be able to make an appearance so keep an eye out for that.>> paul you deserve a medal after all your extra -- excellent coverage . come home. here's a look at the final counts.
7:39 am
at 116 metals here china is in 2nd with 70 total in great britain is in 3rd 66 metals. team usa also has a good shot at a golden wrestling and boxing before tonight's closing ceremonies. american athletes have shown off there sports and social media skills. we're joined now with some of the break down of the most notable social media moment of the 2016 olympic games. mary, reporter: there were certainly a lot to choose from. >> it looks like we're having some issues mary's mike . we will get back to her in a moment. i'm joined now with ed. you have some weather photos for this morning. >> let's pop up those photos.
7:40 am
last night in highlands county. we also have some beautiful sunset photos. you can eat this from john hooper in saint pete. here's another one taken in seffner by danny. make sure you send us all of your photos at storm team 8. facebook or twitter, we enjoy seeing them
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social media skills. mary is with us for some of the most notable moments of the 2016 olympic games. >> we're back with a full powered microphone to tell you about all of them. this moment is one simone biles wet -- met her crush, the man of her dreams, zac efron. zack heard about her not so secret crush on him so he flew all the way to rio to congratulate her himself. she tweeted out just call me miss efron already. another moment was this apology from ryan lochte. he claims that he along with fellow us swimmers were robbed at gunpoint but that story turned out not to be so true. in assuming he tweeted out. it is apologize for his actions saying he over exaggerated the olympics robbery story. finally, the americans rocketed in the pool this year. these olympic games with michael phelps and katie ledecky, they both snagged
7:44 am
have picture of katie ledecky from 10 years ago asking michael phelps for his autograph. another picture, 10 years later when michael is asking katie ledecky for hers. in your both this morning, donald trump and hillary clinton trade ours daily but sometimes this election devolves into boldface lives. use of -- who is accused of telling more lies this year? >> reporter: 2016 got the early in the past few weeks we have heard more than a few fibs. let's start with donald trump claiming he side tape of america being ransom money to iran to free hostages. after getting called out, donald trump admitted, the planus on television was the hostage plane in geneva switzerland not the plane carrying $400 million in cash going to iran.
7:45 am
saying 2016's final outcome will be rigged. >> of course the elections will not be ridge -- rigged . >> reporter: then there is the statement hillary clinton said about call me saying her -- comey saying her statements about her email scandal were truthful. so, who has told the most lies? in july washington post scored its facts check donald trump's claims couple were sport. 21 percent at 3 pinocchio. on the other side 14 percent of clinton's fibs got 4 pinot shows. they say donald trump toshio tran pinocchio ratings are skyhigh. nearly 85 percent of donald trump's claims were false or mostly false. by contrast
7:46 am
typical politician. voters have been asked if they find the 2 trustworthy and honest? clinton wins by a small margin . a beautiful start over school of a restaurant looking from tampa. 83 degrees this morning. it is quite warm out there. we have had a very light onshore flow throughout the night. it is kept our temperatures from cooling down significantly. today. with that, we bring in a shower chance right along the coast during the first half of the day . overall, fewer thunderstorms with drier air. it will be hit and miss this afternoon. in the tropics, we have 3 systems we're tracking this morning. your forecast: 80 degrees at 8:00 . we will see scattered clouds along the coast where we can also see a shower. 87 by noon in getting to 91 your high by or p.m. or p.m.
7:47 am
81 tampa. 78 sarasota. 72 inverness. max radar is as quiet as it can be. we have an area of high pressure sitting out over the goal -- over the golf.-- gulf . we have tropical storm fiona which is expected to weaken as it encounters very strong win it may hold onto tropical depression status as it closes in on bermuda. we also have 2 other systems, invest 99. we have to watch this what as it rolled off right through the islands. it could roll into the bahamas. it is given a 60 percent chance of development. is the other one just off of africa. 80 percent of development as a roles into the central atlantic . at home we are calling for a
7:48 am
about 20 percent would shower shifting inland as we go throughout the day. a similar story as we head throughout early next week. monday rain chances only a 20 percent. high temperatures are at 92 degrees. the rain chance comes up by tuesday and wednesday with higher moisture rolling in. we have better coverage of showers and thunderstorms by midweek as we start go back into our typical southern -- summertime pattern . many companies offer big rewards to companies -- customers airline miles or credit card points, we're not taking advantage of the reward programs . we will explain why next in this mornings consumer
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chances are you are a part of a rewards program. new data shows americans are holding onto those points, but is that the right choice?
7:52 am
lose them. >> reporter: americans aren't always good at saving, but when it comes to reward once, we're stocking up. >> they are hanging onto about 200 billion total. >> reporter: we are also participating in more reward programs than ever before, about 29 on average. >> but we are only active in a dozen of those.>> reporter: perch like free wi-fi laura sent to signing up, but then -- you probably have forgotten you have them >> reporter: it doesn't always pay to let those points stand item. programs can change terms to make points less valuable or expire. >> that is a good excuse to reassess your strategy. >> reporter: step one, go through your email, wallet and keychain and take stock of all of your loyalty programs. apps can also help to rally them in one spot. next, assess which ones fit your lifestyle and pick if you to focus on.
7:53 am
be spending money in that category where you can earn it? >> reporter: frequent flyers my benefit more from airline miles while credit card rewards might be a better focus for those traveling less often. then, clean house. >> you might have enough in there to get yourself a small gift certificate, a magazine subscription -- reporter: create goals for those programs you want to focus on and cash in before your reward say call -- take off >> american airlines and chase announced term changes that will increase the number of points needed to redeem rewards . a squirrel takes off of the go pro camera in the video shot is priceless . we will send that with you after the
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more than 1500 people attended the st. petersburg cupcake contest. more than 80 contestants from all over the tampa bay for the best cupcakes. there were winners in 3 different categories plus the publics favorite was the chai latte cupcake with brown butter mosque upon, buttercream frosting -- brown butter mars capone buttercream frosting. a squirrel snatches up to go pro at a park and he gives us an exciting glimpse into its jumpy day. thanks to this video we can see what it is
7:57 am
the camera thankfully where the owner could go retrieve it. >> it is a cool image to see. >> absolutely we wouldn't have been able to see it otherwise. at, you are here with a final look at the weather. astray storm will be possible at the rays game. low 90s and limited rain chances for today and tomorrow. highs will stand the 90s with better chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms on tuesday thank you for joining us this morning. our next newscast is at 6:00. enjoy the rest of the day and watching the last of the
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here's usain bolt. triple-triple. >> a perfect golden run for olympic gold. >> all hail usain bolt! ? >> on a rainy sunday morning in rio, a look at the city's famous sambodromo. every february this is the scene of one of the world's biggest parties the carnival parade. today it's the start and finish line for the marathon on the closing day of the 2016 olympic games. from inside our studio at copacabana beach i'm al michaels. what a scene here last night.


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